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"My corporate tax department was looking for a contractor to help with some complex tax matters. Having met with many recruiters over the last few years, I started my search by calling about ten different recruiters letting them know what skill set I was searching for. I ended up getting over 40 resumes from the various recruiters. I was amazed at how many of the candidates did not even meet the requirements. I interviewed four people, three from TaxForce. I eventually hired one of the TaxForce consultants. TaxForce clearly listened to what I needed and only presented qualified candidates. The contractor that we chose and are currently using has met all of our expectations."

- $88B Financial Services Company

"We were certainly pleased with his ability to jump in and roll up his sleeves and do whatever was needed… he seemed to bring more practical experience than just OneSource knowledge, we absolutely maximized and have benefited from his OneSource knowledge… He was able to do more things and understand things that a pure tax IT person might not understand."

- Fortune 100 Company

"I think you guys did a great job communicating the process very clearly and that it was great that you were looking for the right person for this role not with the relevant experience, but that they could come in and hit the ground running. I was really quite impressed overall you were heads above with what you were able to accomplish compared to other firms we have used in the past."

- Lori Wolenski - Unilever

"Solid Tax Professional, and brings a lot of experience to an engagement. He utilizes that past experience to help you solve your issues. He’s very flexible with a nice personality and he doesn’t rock the boat. He blends in pretty well."

- Bob McDonough - Nuance

"Everything is still going well, he’s been a huge help, and he jumped right in and was able to provide value right up front which was great. When you look at his background he has done so many different things, that I think he could hit the ground running but I think as he’s been here a little longer, he is getting to know different folks, and really able to do things with less supervision than initially so he’s doing everything very well and very happy with him. He has succeeded expectations and fits well with the group. Great personality in addition to being able to handle the work and move through things, which is always key."

- Mike Rutledge - Otis Elevators

"I believe TaxForce is a first class provider of tax-related services, both from the perspective of the service recipient and the independent service provider. The TaxTalent leadership team is energetic in its efforts to (1) identify top quality independent tax professionals; (2) understand the detailed needs of potential corporate clients; and (3) match the two pools accordingly, determining the best fits.

For the independent tax professional: Considering demographics of the baby boomer generation, there is a large (and increasing) pool of experienced tax professionals for whom a long-term fixed employment relationship is no longer optimal, but who are uncomfortable with the idea of a full-time retirement. For these individuals, TaxTalent offers the opportunity to stay professionally engaged on a part-time consulting basis. Essentially the best of both worlds.

For the service recipient: In view of today’s dynamic business environment, where corporate needs are uncertain, it is oftentimes beneficial to minimize the fixed costs associated with a large group of full-time employees. The variable level of incremental work (due to acquisitions, dispositions, and internal reorganizations or otherwise) can be effectively addressed on a variable cost basis through the use of independent tax professionals. That’s where TaxTalent provides a quality service, through the robust pool of talent it procures.I’ve had the opportunity to work with TaxTalent from both sides of the aisle. It’s been a long-term and successful relationship and it will continue. I encourage others to utilize their services."

- Littlefuse